Conservative Porcelain Dental Crowns

porcelain dental crowns

Evergreen Dental Care proudly offers conservative porcelain dental crowns as part of their comprehensive dental care in Alhambra, CA. If you’re looking for dental crowns that look and feel natural, porcelain materials are definitely the way to go. Unlike metal, porcelain crowns don’t show through the gum line and are not visible when talking or smiling. In other words, most people may think these are your very own natural teeth!

Other than their natural appearance, porcelain crowns have the benefits of added strength, durability, and an easy fitting process.

A Conservative but Effective Solutions for Damaged Teeth

When it comes to dental crowns, Evergreen Dental Care uses a conservative approach for restoration. This means our dentists work on preserving as much of your natural teeth structure, thereby reducing the need to remove your precious enamel. In addition, our holistic approach means we only use natural materials that are safe and non-toxic for your body.

Porcelain is Durable and Can Last for Years

Porcelain dental crowns can be a lifetime investment for your dental health. What exactly is porcelain? Porcelain is a porcellaneous ceramic that can be vitrified, meaning it has been heated to the point where it’s too hard and durable for bacteria or plaque to become attached. For this reason, when properly taken care of, porcelain crowns can last for years.

Comparing Porcelain Versus Traditional Materials

Though metal fillings can also be durable, they are more likely to fail over time due to the corrosive nature of tooth decay and erosion. Also, as metal breaks down in your mouth, you actually end up ingesting some of the synthetic and potentially toxic material, making you susceptible to other health problems such as allergies or toxicities. Another benefit is that porcelain has been shown to be better at resisting bacterial attachment and biofilm formation, making them less destructive to your surrounding natural teeth.

Ultra-Thin Porcelain Veneers

A porcelain veneer is an artificial tooth cosmetic cover that is bonded to the front of a tooth. A porcelain veneer looks like natural teeth without any metal showing on the chewing surface. They are most commonly used to repair chips or cracks in your teeth, cover up discolored or smaller-than-usual teeth, or make your smile whiter and brighter.

Porcelain is less abrasive on the teeth, and it’s more comfortable to wear porcelain crowns than metal. Unlike crowns that have metal underneath, porcelain veneers don’t show through the gum line. This means that your porcelain veneers provide a natural-looking smile. Showing off your porcelain veneers gives you the confidence you need to speak and interact with others.

Zirconia or eMax Conservative Crowns

Zirconia crowns are made from zirconium, a very durable type of metal that’s related to titanium. It is categorized as the ceramic variety, but it’s more similar in durability and hardness than any other material on Earth!

Zirconia is a good option for crowns behind your back molars because of its strength and durability. A dentist will not have to do as much preparation since the material can withstand greater force than other materials typically used in dental work.

As a holistic dental clinic, Zirconia is one of our favorite materials for patients because of its safe and biocompatible nature. This means it’s among the safest and most natural materials to use in dental work. Zirconia crowns make it less likely that you’ll develop any allergic reactions or inflammation down the road. The ceramic material will help improve your teeth’ appearance, and they are sure to complement your smile.

Evergreen Dental Care is the Best Option for Conservative Dental Crowns in Alhambra

Evergreen Dental Care is the top choice for patients looking for affordable, quality, and attractive dental crowns. We also give you the added benefit of natural and holistic treatments for crowns and veneers. Rest assured that only safe and natural materials have been used for your dental restoration work. Contact us today to schedule your next dental visit.

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